Eine musikalische Komposition, an der sich jeder jederzeit beteiligen kann

"Finde zwei Steine, schlage sie sanft zusammen,
drei mal in gleichen Zeitabständen."


Hokoku Newspaper, May 19, 1999 

Simple Music With Stones
A cultural exchange with Gart Westerhout took place on May 18 at Rendaiji Elementary School in Komatsu. Westerhout introduced a "never-ending-musical composition" with two stones, which was created by Austrian artist Albert Ennemoser and John M. Geddes. All 115 students enjoyed playing the piece together. Ennemoser designed the "never-ending musical comosition twenty-five years ago. The idea is very unique and has been spread and enjoyed all around the world. You just tap two stones together three times in rhythm.  On the earth scale, it´s a music composition. In addition, Westerhot performed his original song "The Snake Ring"  based on an old folktale of Komatsu. The students were happy with his free expression.

This article was translated into English by Ms. Hisako Kondo

Gart Westerhout mit "FIND TWO STONES" in Bali

Die beiden Komponisten von "FIND TWO STONES"
John M. Geddes und Albert Ennemoser
in Glasgow, im Juli 2004

"FIND TWO STONES" Aufführung in Telfs am 18. 5. 1999